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The Monastery of Saint Challita- Moukbess- Ghosta  

     This booklet contains five acts of faith:
     The first act, faith in the biography of Saint Challita, the soldier who reached the blaze of glory in his position. He was great in the problems of the world, modest and simple in front of God
     The second act, faith in the monastery of Saint Challita Moukbess, “Kannoubin Kesrouan”, which was built, destroyed and restored. It was among the first monasteries to be restored in Kesrouan in the year 1628. A religious and historical diamond worn out by time and upon which the divine intervention had descended. The monastery of Saint Challita- Moukbess, waqf of Mouhasseb family, who believes in its history which is plays in an important part in the history of the Maronites as well as its Christian belief.
     The third act, an act of faith in the history of Al Mouhasseb family who symbolized its faith throughout the generations by building the monastery of Saint Challita Moukbess, evolving it and giving the Maronites a great deal of Patriarchs, monks and nuns who dedicated themselves to serving the monastery and the church.
     The fourth act, an act of faith in the personality of God’s man, Saint Oustfan Al Dwaihy, third founder of the Maronite rite after Saint Maron and Saint John Maron. There are many things in common between Him and Saint Challita, such as His solid faith, devotion and modesty. Patriarch Oustfan Al Dwaihy, like Saint Challita, reached the highest positions and stayed in a modest ancient black jubbah which he refused to replace with a silky one, and remained docile, lovable and patient. God has conferred upon Saint Oustfan Al Dwaihy to reside in the monastery of Saint Challita Moukbess and Mouhasseb family, at many stages of his life. This holy place was a refuge for him and a blessing for the monastery as well as the Mouhasseb family and the region of Kesrouan. Here, a spiritual relation was created which always tied both families until it became a spiritual bridge between the fortresses of Ehden and Ghosta.
     The fifth act is that of faith and roots. This faith, according to Beau Soleil institute in Switzerland which is specialized in tradition and roots, teaches the following points:
     The first point: the awareness of the importance of the family’s history as well as its roots and legacy
     The second point: to teach how to maintain this legacy and innovate it for conservation and prosperity
     The third point: how to give this legacy to successors
     Awareness is a fundamental factor for progression and a sign of excellence. Our history was deprived of its right, while the monastery of Saint Challita is a part of this history and a trust given to us from our ancestors to the coming generations.We have to be well advised enthusiastically, impartially and lovingly in order to maintain this trust.
     Nadine H Mouhasseb

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